ORMNicro App

An integrated mobile application to monitor the ORMNicro devices. Featuring real-time data monitoring, device management, and user management. The ORMNicro itself is a organic waste processing equipment using EM4 to use household waste.

ORMNicro App


  • UI/UX Designer - Design the user interface of the platform.
  • Frontend Developer - Develop the user interface of the platform and integrate it with the backend.
  • Mobile Developer - Develop the mobile application using Capacitor.


How it works

ORMNicro is a device that processes organic waste using EM4. The device is connected to the internet and sends data to the firebase realtime database. The mobile application is used to monitor multiple devices.

As it uses Firebase, the mobile application can receive real-time data from the devices. The application also allows the user to manage their devices and users.

There are two types of monitoring for each devices, the composter and maggot bin. The composter monitoring shows the temperature, humidity, and weight of the compost. The maggot bin monitoring shows the temperature, humidity, and weight of the maggot bin.

The Prototype

The prototype is designed using Figma. The prototype is designed to be simple and easy to use.

  • Auto-layout
  • Color styles
  • Component-based
  • Variants
  • Interactive components
  • Prototype ready